These are all of the random images from Kat's first month of life. I renamed the picutres and then put them in alphabetical order.

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Michelle brushing Katherine's hair after her first bath at home.
Asleep in her carseat.
This is the crib Grandma and Grandpa Holmstrom got her.
My darling wife's thoughts at getting her picture taken. (she's going to kill me...)
Daddy looking lovingly at his daughter.
The sleepy Holmstrom Girls
Grandma White holds Katherine while Great Aunt Judy looks on.
Katherine likes sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Another picture of a loving daddy.
Katherine is wearing one of Mommy's old sweaters.
Crashed out in her play pen.
All together now. Awwwwww...
See, taking care of a baby is easy, zzzzzz...
Mommy's do a lot of work, and often need to crash when their kids do.
Our friend Suzie comes over for her 'baby fix'
Katherine likes Aunt Tiffany's fingers
Finally, some quality time with her Godmother.