Katherine Holmstrom

Yes, this page never changes. Daddy has an almost-2-year old to take care of, do you think he has time for a web page?

YEAH! I'M BORN! 10:45 am 7/7/03. 8lbs, 6 oz 21 inches. I've been busy since I was born, I have to eat, and poop and pee, and sleep, and scream. It's a lot more work out here than it was inside mommy. And people wonder why it took me 36 hours to get out, I wanted to stay where it was comfortable!

My daddy has to make this all for me still, as I'm kinda little. So far we have links to some of the places my mommy and daddy have registered so I have the things I need when I come. We also have pictures from the first and second ultrasounds. Hospital Pictures are now up also. More pictures are coming, see the sidebar!

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